Aventus For Her
Retail price: R5550 (75ml)
Women rush forward, decided, haughty, adopting unexpected speeds, living a wake of fruity fragrances behind them that bring about heady chills. Their beauty drop off at the overjoyed eyes edge in refinement of wildness and innocence. They are warriors because they dare to tell their desires. In love, because this wafts of adorned scent that they spread behind them leave an indelible mark on their prey. Men seek them, but they are the ones who find them. They are Amazons in their gestures and romantics deep in their heart. Their scent, as a supernatural attribute open up the passages, the mysteries and magical extravaganzas. And because they are free and life radiant, the majestic horizon unfolds before them of all what is possible. 

Top note: Green apple, violet, pink pepper, patchouli, bergamot, lemon.

Heart note: Rose, styrax, sandalwood of Mysore, Musk.

Back note: Peach, blackcurrant, lilac, amber, ylang ylang, rose.
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