Bentley Infinite
Retail price: R 895 (60ml EDT) | R 1 195 (100ml EDT)
The legendary luxury feel of the iconic English brand of Bentley Motors has been captured in a fabulous men's fragrance.

Bentley Infinite offers a fragrance experience characteristic of the new generation with a modern, exciting, alluring appeal. The fragrance embodies a desire for genuine freedom and individuality. It will appeal to men who are on a journey of self-discovery and want to make this a sensory experience. Thanks to the sophisticated composition of the fragrance, Bentley Infinite fuses perfectly with the skin and gives its wearer a sense of youthful, modern elegance and power.

Bentley Infinite has been specially designed for active, fashion-conscious men who are in search of modern extravagance and things with a distinctive style and excellent quality. Bentley Infinite is also a masterpiece of the art of perfumery, perfectly in line with the international luxury brand Bentley.

Bentley Infinite Eau de Toilette – a Fragrance Whose Enjoyment Knows No Bounds
Bentley Infinite Fragrance Eau de Toilette expresses its modernity through its exciting succession of scents: natural, fresh, citrus top notes combine with the green, aromatic hints of lavender and cedar. These are quickly followed by its vibrant heart notes with bourbon pepper, violet and geranium. The final impression is one of sophisticated sensuality with patchouli, vetiver from Haiti and an exclusive hint of ambergris.

The exciting contrast of fresh and woody ingredients gives the fragrance a masculine energy and a feeling of unlimited freedom. This corresponds precisely to the new luxury feeling that today's men are striving for, namely one of inner freedom. This can only be achieved by top-quality perfumes such as Bentley Infinite.

Fragrance family: woody aromatic
Top notes:

- Cedrat
- Lavendin
- Cedar Leaf

Heart notes:
- Bourbon pepper
- Geranium Bourbon
- Violet Leaves

Base notes:
- Patchouli
- Vetiver from Haiti
- Ambergris Accord

The Bentley Infinite Design: Elegance with Power
The Bentley Infinite bottle speaks the same language of form as Bentley Motors. The design is elegant and full of power.
The bottle made from high-quality heavy glass is reminiscent of cut crystal whose straight lines run into elegant curves. The broad shoulders of the bottle are coated with metal and the metal cap is finished with a diamond cut. The combination of glass and metal give the impressive bottle a modern luxurious feel.

The centre of the bottle is emblazoned with the legendary Bentley symbol, the “Flying B”, like a logo, which is also found on the front of the silver folding box.

There is a slight optical difference between the Eau de Toilette and the Eau de Parfum: the glass and the folding box are darker with the Bentley Infinite Intense.

Available at selected Foschini, Truworths
or Stuttafords stores.