Emblem Intense
Retail price: R1 295 (100ml EDT) | R 995 (60ml EDT)
Montblanc has launched a new fragrance for men – Montblanc Intense. Regal, ardent and deep. A brand new interpretation with a shared signature style: Emblem Intense by Montblanc is a complement to, or rather the other facet of its eponymous predecessor Emblem

All men change according to the time of day, their mood or the weather. We already knew that a man who wears Emblem is self-assured, noble and disciplined. And now we discover his conviction, strong virility and taste for modernity, sharp lines and high-tech tools.

The Bottle
Similarly, the essential, heavy, truly extraordinary bottle changes its colour – no longer black but lacquered in metal, and “über chic”. Inspired by the Meisterstück Solitaire Doué Stainless Steel Classique, a writing instrument in which precious resin meets silver, it bears no label and no name. The emblem on the cap is the simple reminder that certain symbols or names, like snow, are eternal.

The Fragrance
Pomarose TM, nutmeg, cinnamon, rare woods, velvet suede: this is where the nuance arises. A taste of apple with a touch of petals, invigorate the spices to cause a shiver on sensual skin. It is unsettling, with its flames and strength. Like a burn? Yes, but almost icy to touch. Something cold vibrates, born of the sparkling grapefruit and cardamom, pure and sharp like a steel ice pick that leads the triumphant climber to the mountain peaks.

Violet leaves, patchouli and tonka bean still remain, but the composition has been adapted to this new blend that is (almost) a complete reinvention. Their presence highlights the sensual signature of the fragrance, its heat and intensity.

Emblem Intense is a woody, oriental, spicy fragrance.
Available at selected Edgars, Red Square, Foschini, Truworths or Stuttafords stores.