Lady Emblem Elixir
Retail price: R1195 - 75ml EDP, R995 - 50ml EDP, R645 - 30ml EDP
She is the quintessence of femininity,
with an extreme gracefulness, delicateness, style and elegance.

She is radiant, complex with a hint
of mystery, faceted as a precious stone.

As the highest concentration of the most precious and nobles attributes she is
an elixir of the femininity, she is The Elixir.

The Bottle
“A symbol of love, reliability, purity and wealth, a diamond leaves no one unaffected“
Lady Emblem Elixir jewel bottle partially covered with a precious gold pink metallization , expressing a world of luxury and sophistication.

The Fragrance
LADY EMBLEM ELIXIR offers a new vision on a Rose.
Rose Absolu offers a caressing and more assertive personality than the Rose Essential we had on LADY EMBLEM, with a less petally facet.
The base of the fragrance reveals an intense woody signature with the charismatic Patchouli and the carnal sensuality of Vanilla.