Royal Oud
Retail price: R4850 (120ml)
Strolling on a platform. Vertigo. A Persian building site. 12th century. Geometrical wall paintings. Blocks
of black marble. Dazzling sun. Blinding. Through your eyelids, a shape transpires. A sealed door. Carved
like lace. Light rushing through its pattern, projecting shadows on the floor. And then a door opens on
another door and so forth. A maze. Deafening sound. Dust from the marble, the wood, the soil. Then a
bottomless hole from which the palace will emerge. Sun rises and sparkles. Royal Oud celebrates
ambivalence. It’s feminine and masculine. This scent is movement. Oscillating between wood and leather,
soil and gold. Royal Oud is vertigo, scent on the edge of obsession.

SANDALWOOD, CEDAR WOOD, bergamot, lemon, pinkberry, tonkin musc, pepper
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